Dance Rehearsal's

BAMBOCH! Relaunch

£8.00 / £5.00 NUS Discount

Thursday: 8.30 - 9.30pm

Islington Arts Factory

Linbury Studio

The Ultimate 'Soca' Workout high energy rehearsal, combining, 'Street' 'Hip-Hop' and the ageless characteristics of Caribbean dance styles. Parents can enjoy getting fit alongside their children, teenagers have fun too but most importantly, adults set aside time for yourselves its great to feel fit again.

GBA - BAMBOCH!evolved to create the time and space to have fun whilst improving our health and fitness. Working in partnership with experienced dance and event practitoners it is a programme that allows a total novice (like me)to workout alongside a professional dancer and not feel inhibited 

 "I never imagined I would get up on stage and dance, but the feeling of triumph when the audience applauded was fantastic".

"That was fantastic! Loved being able to dress up and to share what's been achieved"

"Normally dancing and getting fit was something the children did. It's been great doing something for myself that they can also be part of"

In addition to our weekly workout the group provides opportunities to rehearse and perform at festivals and events with Glorious Backstage Arts.

 BAMBOCH! The Ultimate Caribbean Dance Mashup


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