BAMBOCH - Caribbean Dance

BAMBOCH! Caribbean Dance 

BAMBOCH! is a Caribbean dance company. Rehearsal's / classes give you a deep head to toe workout with a combination of isolation techniques and Caribbean dance moves.

A BAMBOCH!class builds towards dance routines that combine a soca fusion of moves for those seeking the authentic sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean.

Structured to suit all levels and abilities.

Dance fitness for all ages

 BAMBOCH! evolved to create the time and space to have fun whilst improving our health and fitness. Working in partnership with experienced dance and event practitoners it is a programme that allows a total novice to workout alongside a professional dancer and not feel inhibited. We embrace the ageless characteristics of Caribbean carnival's. Parents can enjoy getting fit alongside their children, teenagers join in and have fun too but most importantly for adults who may not have set aside time for themselves its great to feel fit again.

BAMBOCH! Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, Islington, London N7 0NS. Small car park and free parking available on Camden Road.

BAMBOCH! open level community and professional Caribbean dance.